About Us!

Come downtown, work, go back home…. Come downtown, work, go back home… Come downtown, work, go back home…

Sound familiar?

Ever wonder what’s going on with all those empty lots down by the waterfront?  Or why the old city core was built in the 1700s in a grid with streets much wider than needed for a horse and cart?  Ever notice the frozen clock on the town hall?  Do you just want to get outside at lunch, and just need an excuse?

Walk Halifax is all about getting out into downtown, engaging in the ‘main street’ of our home town, and hearing our unique stories, and answering those nagging questions.


It’s about going for a simple walk at lunch time. (O.k.  It’s really about getting out of the office!!!!  Just don’t tell your boss.  If you are the boss, then don’t tell your employees.  Tell your boss, and bring your employees.)

And, yes, you will get some exercise.  Also good.

Spurred by the desire of Capital Health and Halifax Community Health Board to develop a project that encourages healthy living for those who live and work downtown…

Driven by a deep desire to ‘rock your downtown’ (i.e., create unique intersections of engagement with downtown businesses and those who work downtown), Capital Health sought partners who (think they) are hip to the jive.  Together with Paul ‘I wish I could grow a mullet’ MacKinnon of The Downtown Halifax Business Commission, the two hip cats from The Hub, Joanne and Tracy, the never boring Halifax Community Health Board, and the organization that’s got a long name but knows local is cool, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) of Nova Scotia, the King of Rockin’ Web Brandingaudiovisualboy.com, with great help from other wannabe hipsters...We bring you WalkHalifax!

Walk Halifax would like to thank Prince Edward, Duke of Kent for letting us borrow the town clock as our website icon.  Whereas the Duke built the clock to encourage chronically tardy Haligonians to get to work on time, we have ironically borrowed this icon of our home town to encourage… shall we say… a healthy break from your work.

Get out there. The Duke is dead.


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